Welcome To The Lawless Lion Pride

3,333 Uniquely Generated Lions Inhabiting The Jungles Of The Metaverse


A pride of 3,333 uniquely generated lions inhabiting the jungles of the Metaverse. We are one of the first projects with a registered & fully doxxed BID (6d56773619f4). 100% of the funds from our first drop are dedicated to finishing development for our virtual campus where our holders will be able to display their NFTs, read e-books, & take crash courses in both crypto & pseudo-crypto assets. All of this on top of having access to future drops, collectibles, and eventually the ability to stake your NFTs for in-game rewards!



Phase 1:
Launch Initiated

Our biggest priority is to produce the highest quality collection of NFTs possible, for both our supporters & the NFT community as a whole. Every Lawless Lion partakes in the same artistic process as the next, giving you an incredibly potent & quality project to get behind. We will announce the release date of our mint once we are satisfied with the quality and technical parts of this project.

Phase 2:
Virtual Campus Development & Integration

Imagine if you could simply connect your wallet & seamlessly be spawned into a virtual campus with an incredible barrage of tools, resources & educational materials within the topics of crypto, NFTs & the blockchain as a whole - all the while being able to use your native NFT as an avatar to interact with other members. Welcome to Lawless Lions University (LLU), where all Lawless Lion Holders will be permitted exclusive access to a countless number of e-books, video courses, pre-recorded & live seminars, & 1 on 1 consultations with web3 professionals that genuinely want to make your introduction to web3 as seamless as possible. We will also be hosting a real time crypto exchange updated every hour on the hour, along with charting NFT projects to keep you in the loop for all things blockchain! The platform will be available for use & implementation anywhere between 3-5 weeks after our public mint date.

Phase 3:
Purchase Plot In Decentraland

Our goal is to give a certain level of monetary value to our supporters - something that is becoming more and more difficult to find in the NFT space. We plan to use the proceeds from our first launch to purchase a plot (or multiple plots if the revenue begins to accumulate) in Decentraland & lease the space out to a web3 developer(s). This will allow us to disburse the payments evenly to every single one of our holders on a monthly basis - allowing those that helped contribute to the projects success see some real world profits. We project a potential monthly income of up to $80 per holder. 

Phase 4:
Revealing The Legacy Lions & Clueless Cubs

Every pride has a leader. the Clueless Cubs will have it too. We will be releasing Legacy Lions & Clueless Cubs, 1/1 NFTs. Those that belong to this breed are alpha males by nature and much more aggressive/dominant. Every member of the community will have a chance to get one as they will be randomly assigned. We'd like to use this stage to help attract new investors to join the community, even after 2 meteoric drops. Prepare to be blown away.

Phase 5:
Metaverse Integration

As everyday life becomes more & more intertwined with the virtual world, we want our users to feel a sense of togetherness when interacting with eachother in this new reality. Yes, that is right. We are talking about interactive avatars & characters for the mainstream Metaverse (once it is developed) and decentralized gaming. In the same way designer apparel give you immediate notoriety in the real world, your Lawless Lion or Clueless Cub will give you a dominant aura in the soon-to-be new reality that everyone will be accustomed to.

Phase 6:
Access To Future Drops & Privileges

As members of our community you will be entitled to future drops and developments in our companies future endeavors. We look forward to growing with you while becoming a permanent staple in the NFT community!


Project Leader

Dylan Chasse is a licensed real estate professional in the state of both CT & CA with over 2 years experience in 3D design, & fluent in 4 languages of code. He recently built a mobile prospecting platform for Realtors to optimize their time spent generating leads. He is currently in the process of creating a virtual world for his office that will offer modernized training on a series of up to date topics.

3D Designer

Gejin is an independent CG artist that specializes in high resolution texture rendering. He prefers to work in the realm of realism as his main focus is animal fur and expression. With several high profile designs & projects under his belt, it was a unanimous decision that he was THE best man to help the project achieve its artistic goals.

Head Of Marketing

DelcioDollar is a high profile influencer in the music community. He specializes in infrastructure, social media management, event organization, & so much more. Whether its coordinating giveaways or welcoming new discord members, he is the glue that keeps us together.

Web Designer

With 5 years of web design experience & blockchain development, they have helped a handful of blue chip projects create attractive landing pages and secure minting engines for both private and public pre-sales. One of those projects being Hapebeast Prime.


  • When is the mint date?

    WL Mint: April 7
    Public Mint: April 10

  • How many WL spots are there?

    1,000 Total Spots

  • What is the collection supply?

    3,333 Total Pieces

  • What is the WL mint price?

    0.07 ETH